Card10 Cover Generator


The easy way to 3d print your own card10 badge cover
  • Select which features you want - or let the randomizer choose for you
  • Check your model in the preview
  • Create a 3D STL file
  • Download
  • Print!
    (Please note that for printing, the STL-file must be generated with all parts in print orientation!)
  • 36C3 is over. Unfortunately many scheduled prints could not be printed. If you still want to print your cover yourself, you can download your scheduled files with the link<name of your cover>.stl

This online generator is built by segal and uses the card10_cover_generator created by royrobotiks,
as well as code from

Parts to print

LED styles

LED diffusor:
LED top side cutout:
Extended LED bar:
Personal State LED visibility:
Left rocket visibility:
Right rocket visibility:
Top rocket visibility:


Home button cover:
Riffled buttons:
Shiny buttons:

Screw style

Screw ring visibility:
Screw style:


Wristband style:
Wristband width:
Wristband circumference: mm


Large screen cutout:
GPIO accessibility:
Logo visibility:
Useless grill:
First layer texture:
Download STL